Event Organizer・Official Judge Certification System
Will Finally Start in the Asian Region!!

What is the Pokémon Trading Card Game Qualification Program?

We are currently recruiting players who are very knowledgeable and are passionate about making Pokémon TCG even more popular to join us in taking on this task.

Event Organizer and Official Judge are titles certifying those who have taken the Certification Exam and pass the set criteria. Those who receive certification may organize official Pokémon TCG events and can participate in large-scale tournaments as part of the judge staff.

What is an Event Organizer?

When you are certified as an Event Organizer, you may independently organize a sanctioned Pokémon TCG event. All Event Organizers send an application to the The Pokémon Company and once your event has been approved as a sanctioned event, it will posted on the official Pokémon website and other official SNS accounts. Official Prizes will also be provided for your events. At the same time, you have a duty to submit written reports on these events.

What is an Official Judge?

Official Judge is a qualification that certifies a player as a Rules Expert who is very knowledgeable about the rules of the Pokémon TCG.
Those who are certified as Official Judges bear the important position of Judge staff at various official tournaments, ensuring that the tournaments are managed properly and fairly.
In tournaments, while Judges operate within their designated positions and scope of responsibilities, judges who are of the highest level are closer in position to that of the main organizer: as a rules arbiter ensuring the integrity of the tournament.

What is the Certification Exam?

The important information about the Event Organizer and Official Judge Certification Exam is found below.
We plan to announce the details about the Certification Exam in early December. Please wait for further announcements.

※   Content of the Exam:
(First Exam)50 Questions on proper play procedure and rules
(Second Exam)Interview

※   Method of Examination:
The First and Second Exams will be held online
Time Limit:60 minutes

※   Certification Conditions:
Is of legal age in their place of residence.
Has not had their certification revoked not only in their place of residence, but elsewhere.
Has passed the required passing rate in the first exam
=Event Organizer 60%, Official Judge 80%
A person that The Pokémon Company has deemed to be
qualified for the position.
Will sign the Pokémon TCG Event Organizer agreement
Receipt of Certification Badge

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