Building your first deck

What's a deck?

Each player builds a deck from cards of their choice before a match. The type of deck you choose may affect your playstyle and strength!

Let's give deck building a try!

Firstly, could you let us know what are the cards you have now?

Deck building Tip 1: Try making a deck from the cards that you have right now.

Let's construct a deck from the cards you have. Let's review the important points when building a deck

The 3 Major card types

We recommend these card quantities!

Try to first build a deck with these card quantities. Have a match with others and then adjust the card quantities to your liking

Match the types and Energy cards!

It seems tempting to put a lot of strong Pokémon in your deck, but you shouldn't be too greedy! If you group the same Pokémon type and have just one type of Energy, your Attacks will be easier to use.

The Energy required to use an Attack is stated on the card. In this case, one Fire Energy and one Energy of any type, a total of 2 Energies, are required!

Gain the upper hand by using Trainer cards!

There are many kinds of Trainer cards. Use them well to gain an advantage in match.

Let's try to build a deck!

1) Put your favorite Pokémon in the deck.

First, choose your favorite Pokémon!
・You can have up to four copies of a card with the same name.
・In order to use an Evolved Pokémon, you need the Basic Pokémon.
・You should put more than one copy of a Basic Pokémon.

2) Put in the same type of Energy.

Let's put in Energy that the Pokémon need in order to use their Attacks! Let's try putting in 15 Energy cards for a start.

3) Put in Trainer cards.

For a start, let's put in 30 copies of Trainer cards that can give you an advantage in your match!

We recommend these kinds of cards!
★Cards that allows you to draw you more cards: Marnie, Hop, etc.
★Cards that can help you search a Pokémon from your deck: Quick Ball, Great Ball, etc.

4) Put in other Pokémon of the same type as your favorite Pokémon.

You can still put in a couple more cards.

Gather up the Pokémon you chose in 1)and the other Pokémon of the same type and you would have a complete, 60-card deck!

5) Congratulations, you are done!

Deck building Tip 2: Get a ready-to-play Stater Deck!

It's okay if you don't have the cards right now! You can buy a ready-to-play deck from the shop.

V Battle Decks (Victini V and Gardevoir V)

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Deck building Tip 3: Modify your deck to become even stronger.

If you obtained a card you want to use, switch it with a card from your deck! This is deck modification! By replacing cards in your deck, you can make your deck stronger!

Let's take a look at many different deck lists!

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