The Third Official Certification Exam will be held in September 2021!

Details will be announced by late August on the Official Pokemon Website and Facebook account.

What is the Official Certification Exam?

In preparation for the exam, we will release preparatory drills starting mid-July.

Take on the Drills on July and August!
(Free of charge)

We will greatly expand the drills where you can test your Card game rules knowledge!
This is the best chance to check how much of the required knowledge you have in order to have a Pokemon Card Game match.

Correctly knowing the rules

Rules questions are mainly from Pokemon Card Game basic rules and card text from cards in the Advanced Player's Guide book.

We are aiming for participants in self-judged official Tournaments that can progress the matches with a basis on correct rules understanding, especially regarding the resolution of Special Conditions, damage calculation following the card text of cards in play and effect resolution.

Which means...
Knowing the rules correctly isn't just for passing the Official Certification Exam, it is also an important skill in order to become an even stronger tournament player.

What kind of questions are rules questions?

The questions in the drills and in the Official Certification Exam are kind of like this:

The Stadium card [Devoured Filed] is in play. You use Hoopa-GX's GX Attack [Devilish Hands-GX] and choose your opponent's Pokémon-GX in the Active Spot 6 times. How much damage does it deal to your opponent's Active Pokémon?

Don't calculate for the Weakness and Resistance of the Pokémon taking damage.

(1)180 (2)240 (3)190 (4)200

When you use Exeggutor's Attack [Full Clean] and Knock Out your opponent's Active Pokémon, which happens first: discarding your hand due to Attack [Full Clean]'s effect; or picking Prize cards?

(1)You discard your hand first.

(2)You pick Prize cards and then discard your hand.

(3)You can choose the order.

(4)After picking Prize cards, discard cards from your hand equal to the original number of cards you had in your hand before picking Prize cards.

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Drill outline


From July 18, 11PM to August 15 10:59PM(JST), a total of 4 weeks

First:July 18-July 25
Second:July 25-August 1
Third:August 1-August 8
Fourth:August 8-August 15

You can take the challenge 24 hours.

You can answer the drills as many times as you want.

In order to provide the appropriate service, we will be performing timely system maintenance. Please be advised accordingly.

We will post advisories regarding the system maintenance in the Exam page.

Target participants Pokemon Card Game players who have the recommended environment for the computer environment.
Participation Fee Free of Charge
Questions 40 (10 questions x 4 weeks)
How to register During the registration period, please register using the registration form provided below.

Registration Period:
July 4, 11PM - July 11 10:59PM

Registration Form
Maximum No. of Participants 1,000 (total from all regions)

If there are many registrants, selection will be through lottery.

The results of the lottery will be the ID/PW notification.

Online Environment

Since the drill will reference cards, please use a PC.

Please refer tothislist of recommended environments.(frequently updated)

Windows 8.1 + IE 11
Windows 10 + IE 11

MacOS X 10.11 over + safari

Screen resolution 1024×768px or greater
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The link to the drills, the login ID and Password, as well as information on how to use the drills, will all be included in the Password notification e-mail. Please keep that e-mail secured.

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