Try out the Official Certification Exam
Drill Challenge (Free of Charge)!

For those who plan to challenge the 2nd Official Certification Exam, or those who want to try out the exam for future reference, we have decided to release an advance preparatory exam!
You can take it as a mock test to see what kind of questions will show up in the exam, or you can answer the drills over and over again, so you can figure out your weaknesses.
Let’s all take the challenge of testing our Pokémon Card Game rules knowledge with this opportunity!!

March 11(Fri)23:00 ~ 
March 21(Mon)22:59(SG/MY/PH)

You can take the challenge 24 hours.

You can answer the drills as many times as you want.

In order to provide the appropriate service, we will be performing timely system maintenance. Please be advised accordingly.

We will post advisories regarding the system maintenance in the Exam page.

Target Audience 2nd Official Certification Exam Registrants
Those considering to take the Official Certification Exam in the future, etc.
Those who are interested in the Pokémon Trading Card Game rules.
Participation Fee Free of Charge
How to register During the registration period, please register using the registration form provided below.

Registration Period: 
February 28(Thu)23:00 ~ 
March 7(Sun)22:59(SG/MY/PH)

Registration Form

This registration is also a registration form for the 2nd Official Certification Exam. For those who only want to take the drills, please select [will not take the exam] under the examinee type.

Participant Limit 2,000 people(total for all regions)

If there are many registrants, selection will be through lottery.

The results of the lottery will be the ID/PW notification.

Online Environment

Since the drill will reference cards, please use a PC.

Please refer to thislist of recommended environments.(frequently updated)

Windows 8.1 + IE 11
Windows 10 + IE 11

MacOS X 10.11以上 + safari

Screen resolution 1024×768px or greater
Turn on javascript
Set your browser to accept Cookies

About the

We will send the Password notification e-mail by March 11 (Mon) 17:00 (SG/MY/PH).

Information like the Drill URL, Login ID/Password and usage are all written in the Password notification e-mail. Please take good care of it.

Please set your e-mail account to accept mail from


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through the process of using this service will be handled according to our Privacy Policy.
 You can view our Privacy policy here.

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