Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are there any requirements in order to take the exam?

Yes, the requirements are as follows: You must be at least 18 years old by April 1. 2021
You must be in an environment that can support the use of the [Zoom] application.
For further details, please check this link.

Q:  Is there an Examination Fee?

No. You can take the Exam for free.

Q:  I live overseas, can I still take the exam?

No, you cannot. Only residents from regions where Pokémon cards are sold in English (Mainly Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia) can take the exam.The three English-speaking regions are: Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines

Q:  Can I pass on my Exam URL, Login ID/password details to someone I know?

No, you may not. If we discover such an activity had happened, both the person who passed on the details and the receiver of the details will have their Exam credentials invalidated.

Q:  I am 17 years old during the application period. Until what date should I turn 18 years old in order for me to take the exam?

You must be at least 18 years old by April 1, 2021. If you fit the criteria, you may take the exam.

Q:  If I am older than 18 and a student, can I still take the exam?

Yes, even students can take the exam.

Q:  Is it possible to take both Certification exams? If so, what would happen if I fail one of those exams?

Yes, you may take both Certification exams. Furthermore, even if you fail the [Official Judge] test, but pass the [Event Organizer] test, you will receive the [Event Organizer] certification. Conversely, even if you fail the [Event Organizer] test but pass the [Official Judge] test, you will receive both the [Official Judge] and [Event Organizer] certifications.

Q:  If I only took the Official Judge exam and failed to reach the 80% passing mark, but got more than 60%, will I be Official as an Event Organizer?

No. In the event that you did not reach the 80% passing mark of the Official Judge exam, you are considered to have failed the certification exam and thus, would not be Official as an Event Organizer as well.

Q:  Can I take the first exam in another form aside from online?

No, you cannot. The first and second exams are online only.

Q:  If within the 60 minute exam time limit, I lose internet connectivity or access to the site, can I re-access the site and continue answering the exam?

If your session gets cut off during the exam, you have to start from the beginning.

Q:  I lost my connection and couldn't access the site as I answered the last question. Is there any way to confirm if I have answered all the questions?

If you try to retake the exam from the "My page" screen and you cannot go to the exam page, that means that the exam been submitted.

Q:  I applied for the exam multiple times and made many Exam IDs. Can I take the first exam multiple times?

No, you cannot. An Exam ID is limited to 1 per person.

Q:  When will I get confirmation that my application was accepted if registration will be decided by lottery?

When you complete the steps in the registration form and receive your ID and password on December 18, the application for the exam is confirmed. Even if you applied through the registration form, but don't receive an ID and password, you cannot take the exam.

Q:  Currently, I am already active as a Judge. Do I still need retake the exam in order to be recognized as a [Official Judge]?

Yes, there is a need to retake the exam. Please contact your local distributor for further details.

Q:  I found out that I cannot use [Zoom] after I passed the first exam. Is there any other way for me to take the second exam?

No. We are deeply sorry, but if you cannot have your interview through [Zoom], it is considered that you have failed the second exam.

Q:  During the second exam, my internet connection became unstable and I lost connection.

Please try reconnecting. If even after reconnecting, your connection is still unstable, we will reschedule the interview through the chat function. If you are unable to reconnect to the Internet, please contact us.

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Q:  Due to a conflict in schedule, I cannot take the second exam on the appointed date.

Please contact us at least five days before the exam date. If you contact us any later than that, you will be marked absent (failed).

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