Pokémon Asia
My Favorite Award

We are holding the first Pokémon Asia My Favorite Award to celebrate Pokémon Day!
Tell us your favorite Pokémon among No.1 ~ No.898 using the voting buttons in the Pokédex pages.
The voting period is February 19, 2021 ~ February 23, 2021 22:59.
The poll results will be out on February 27, 2021!!
* Variants such as regional forms and Mega Evolution will be counted as same Pokémon

Voting Period

February 19, 2021 ~ February 23, 2021 22:59

How to Vote

Go to the Pokédex page and search for your favorite Pokémon

Vote using the voting button on your favorite Pokémon's Pokédex page!

A vote from the button counts as 10 points and visiting the page counts as 1 point.
Votes and page views are counted only once per day per person

▼  Vote from here!  ▼


You can also look for Pokémon by regions! You might find your new favorite Pokémon!

The result

The result of everyone's votes will be announced on Pokémon Malaysia portal on Feb 27.